Hi, my name is Harshal Narkhede
3x AWS Certified Cloud Engineer Cloud Solutions Architect

Building a successful product is a challenge. I am highly energetic architect cognitive about designing, developing, deploying and operating highly available, scalable and fault tolerant systems on cloud.

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Some Things I've Built

Embedding Cloud Native Visualization

Utilizing QuickSight's serverless architecture to easily scale up the insights with growing user base and embedding it into web/ mobile application through API's.

  • Rich interactive data visualizations
  • Data Analytics capability
  • No need to manage and scale analytics servers
  • Embed it in any web or mobile application
  • Authenticate users with Cognito or your already existing Active Directory

IAM Roles for Service Accounts (ISRA) for EKS

Attach customized IAM permissions to the service accounts (SA), and only the kubernetes pods that use the SA would have access to those IAM permissions.

  • Enforce IAM permissions on specific kubernetes pods instead on apllying on the mode level
  • Reduces the open attack surface
  • Isolates the container credentials. A container can only retrieve credentials for the IAM role that is associated with the service account to which it belongs.
  • Easy to set up and reduces the latency

Serverless Contact Form for Websites

No need for expensive backend servers to handle a simple "Contact Us" form on static websites which is critical for every website.

  • Serverless backend to scale up growing user base
  • Send a copy of data back to the user
  • Auto generate customizable email template though Lambda
  • Store all user data in a NoSQL database


Where I've Worked

Cloud Engineer

Atlanta, USA

Develop Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) CloudFormation templates in accordance to client’s security baseline checks.
Develop Policy-as-Code (PaC) preventive controls to validate and fix the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates before the resources get deployed in the cloud
Analyze latest versions of CIS, CISA, OWASP benchmarks to evaluate client’s security control requirements for containers and aws cloud resources.
Implement Kubernetes IAM Roles for service accounts (ISRA) and role-based access control (RBAC)
Environment: AWS Cloud
Benchmarks: CIS, OWASP, CISA, NIST
Technology: AWS CloudFormation, IAM, Config, GuardDuty,Security Hub, Wiz CSPM/PaC, EKS, RBAC, Security Hub, Trusted Advisor, AWS CLI, Python, Git, SIEM, CloudFront, API Gateway, RDS, Lambda, S3, VPC

Global Insurance Analytics Team

Connecticut, USA

Architect and embed visualization dashboard of claims, policy data into an Angular application by utilizing QuickSight’s serverless architecture to easily scale out the insights with the growing user base.
Migrate on-premise data to AWS Cloud.
Create CloudFormation template to facilitate automated deployment of the resources
Implement IAM for creating roles, users, groups and attached policies to provide minimum access to the resources
Environment: AWS Cloud
Technology: IAM, QuickSight, Glue, Cognito, STS, CloudFormation, ELB, Security Groups, CloudFront, STS, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, VPC, EC2

Global Data Governance Team

Chicago, USA

Successfully ported a legacy, on-premises application to AWS and achieved significant increase in availability.
Select, provision and monitor appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database and security requirements.
Analyse client requirements and determined system architecture to achieve business goals.
Experienced interactions with senior management executives and across functional areas.
Environment: AWS Cloud
Technology: IAM, VPC, EC2, SES, SNS, CloudFront, S3, ELB, Lambda, API Gateway, EMR, CloudWatch.

Global Oil Enterprise


Manage large volume of sensor data and combine with right decision logic to trigger actions.
Collect and store streaming data at any scale and at low cost.
Analyse streaming data running on the edge to identify behavior patterns and event detection.
Visualize live and historical equipment data using QuickSight.
Environment: AWS Cloud
Technology: IOT SiteWise, IoT Greengrass, IoT Core, IOT Analytics, IOT Events, IAM, SNS, SES, Lambda, S3, Kinesis, QuickSight.

Data Analytics Team

Florida, USA

Perform predictive analytics on customers legacy data to predict key performance metrics using time series modeling.
Connect legacy data stored in S3 to notebook instances and transform data to gather meaningful insights by utilizing NumPy and Pandas library in PySpark.
Learning new tools and skillsets as needs aris.
Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with timestamps.
Environment: AWS Cloud
Technology: PySpark, SageMaker, S3, IAM, NumPy, Pandas.

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